Royal Asset Management Company (RAMCO) is a globally operating trading company for commodities with a special focus on iron ore. Our business also includes trading in manganese ore, coal, zinc, copper, lead, steel, minor minerals and other commodities. Our numerous strategic locations along the global commodity trading routes mean we are efficiently positioned. As a recognized specialist for commodities, we offer our customers and suppliers a professional service. Reliability is our calling card. We coordinate and manage all activities from our headquarters in Dubai&Turkey.

1) Trading in iron ore and other commodities
2) Project business for processing and extracting commodities-particularly iron ore

The expansion of the value creation chain to the project business serves the goal of enhancing our independence on the procurement market and improving our ability to supply our customers.

The main driver of our business is growth in Asia. Population growth, along with the urbanization and rising standards of living in China, is especially contributing to a constantly growing demand for steel and iron ore. An increase in steel demand is also expected for the coming years in other Far East regions as well as in the CIS states (Russia and former Soviet Republics). Commodity trading is gaining momentum. This means that flexible companies with the ability to react quickly have a competitive advantage. RAMCO has this ability and is positioned to immediately recognize market trends and react for the benefit of its customers.

With our global network of representative offices and affiliated companies, we have access to quarrying regions from Asia to Africa. Intensive daily market observation and competent analyses regarding future developments ensure that our customers receive competitive offers. The expertise we have gained from our experience in international shipping also results in favorable shipping rates and reliable deliveries.


RAMCO management is a highly knowledgeable and experienced team consisting of international experts. Collectively, the managers at RAMCO have more than 100 years of experience in the commodities industry. RAMCO strives to provide seamless solutions for supplying and accessing raw materials. Our product experts have the knowledge and experience in distribution, financing solutions, and the ability to access exotic markets with minimal risk.

With a team of staff having expertise in international trade, marine shipping, logistics and management, RAMCO undertakes to source and secure iron ore and other strategic raw materials from overseas market to ensure stable material supply and lowest cost for steel production. In the meantime, the company also provides these goods to the market and is becoming one of the trustful and reliable partners for raw material supply of other Chinese buyers.

RAMCO has successfully established business cooperation with some major suppliers and is making continuous efforts in seeking cooperation with more potential partners in India, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Iran etc., which ensures us a very consolidated resource base. RAMCO also has established long-term cooperation relation with China Iron and Steel plants, such as Xingtai Steel, Shandong Steel, which ensures that the cargo is delivered and distributed in a proper, efficient and prompt manner. The company is able to manage the supply chain and create sustainable and consistent added value. The number of our clients and trading amount keeps stable rising. In the market of China, RAMCO has become one of the major suppliers in iron ore, chromite, lead, zinc trade industry.

In the future, RAMCO plans to enhance its competitiveness in iron ore and other base metals business by developing diversified forms of cooperation such as long-term contract, strategic foreign investment, financing, off-take agreement, both with mining companies and domestic steel mills.


International iron ore and commodity trade is the basis for worldwide growth and sustainable prosperity. We want to contribute to this with our business activities. In doing so, we focus on flexibility; quick adjustments to changing market conditions, quality, reliability and market orientation.

We are convinced that customer satisfaction is and always will be an important factor for our success. This guiding principle directs our thoughts and actions in our continuing growth process.

RAMCO puts its strategic focus on sustainable, profitable growth and diversification in relation to the product range and the degree of value added. The following core objectives are vital:

Growth in the iron ore core business by accelerating revenue with other commodities.
Further developing the value creation chain to increase independence, in particular through.
Holdings in mining companies as the basis for direct access to raw material extraction.
Continued development of the project business in raw material processing, expansion of our international presence, enlarging the supply markets and customer base.


RAMCO’s parent company RAM Dubai has grown substantially since 2006. In 2012, revenue significantly exceeded the EUR 200 million mark and is expected to rise even higher in the following years. Worldwide there are over 30 people working for RAMCO, concentrated mainly on procuring commodities, transport and customer service.

A stable profit situation and high equity ratio characterize the company’s success. The management team’s goal is to maintain a sustainable growth process based on a consistent profit orientation. Expanding the customer base and systematic diversification along the value creation chain are the key points of a development strategy that focuses on quality control, competitive pricing and reliability.


As an expert in the commodity markets, RAMCO focuses on trading with mineral-based commodities such as iron, manganese and chrome ore. In addition to the ore business, we also supply coal and steel raw materials.

With our local office expertise on site, we offer our customers a broad selection of offers for customized services in the trading business.

This makes RAMCO your reliable trading partner–even for spontaneous needs. Our broad network of offices allows us to ensure that we can supply our customers even on a tight deadline. One of our strengths is our ability to serve and advise our customers and manufacturers in their native language.